How can we help?

We provide software consultancy services for your iOS (and sometimes web) products


1 |  Idea
We listen to your project / idea, do analysis requirements with you, give advice on best practices
2 |  Plan
Agree on scope, budget and timeframe
3 |  Design
Do wireframe design for your approval
4 |  Implement
Implement UI and code, using most suitable technology and frameworks
5 |  Deliver
Launch the project and start gathering user feedback
6 |  Maintain
Based on the user feedback analysis, we iterate to refine and improve your product


Ford Digital Breakthrough
Ford of Britain is working with us to enhance the dealership experience in very innovative ways. Ongoing projects span a wide array of latest mobile and augmented reality technologies. Steve Hood - Sales & Operations Director at Ford of Europe "I know it took a huge effort from many people in your teams to make it happen -- including working weekends so would you please pass on our thanks to all of them who were involved. It really was appreciated, we learnt a lot, made a breakthrough in digital content and got some great feedback to help us make the next one even better."
ScottishPower Your Energy
Isobar was experiencing technical difficulties with the delivery of a complex iPhone project for ScottishPower. We were employed to join a newly created team whose goal was to amend the broken codebase and to fulfill the missing functional requirements. In very little time, the project was delivered to a very high quality standard which left isobar and ScottishPower very pleased.

The outcome is available on the App Store.
Nick Bailey - CEO & ECD at isobar "Today we received some amazing client feedback, which I'm happy to share with the whole agency. This is the glory that matters - a client motivated and excited by the change that our work is delivering on her business. Well done everyone." (Senior Executive from ScottishPower) "This is a fantastic delivery and undoubtedly one of the most innovative and creative deliveries from ScottishPower this year. Thank you all for your personal effort, innovation and sheer determination to get our App to this stage. This should be a delivery we all feel very proud of. Thanks again and well done."
Tesco Shopper app
Fjord needed technical assistance on an iOS project they were delivering for the UK retailer giant Tesco. Ege joined the project as the iOS tech lead (contract) on the Fjord side. Over his 6 months there, Ege joined client stakeholder meetings, assessed technical requirements with the product owner against available API's (working closely with backend engineers), worked closely with the design team at Fjord to ensure the design is feasible and developed rapid prototypes for client demonstrations. Malin Maki - Service Design Lead at Fjord "Ege was very focused and efficient and took ownership of his task from day one. He was a great support to me and was trusted with direct client facing work where he proved to be invaluable. Ege is not only great in terms of producing outstanding work, he also has a great personality that makes working with him great fun."
Quiet Riots
Simon (CEO) needed a technical partner to overview and implement the entire system (API + web app + mobile app + UX surveys) for his idea Quiet Riots. Ege joined in June 2012 to work on the web app, which was in development at the time. Over time, however, project pivoted to mobile and work on iOS began. Currently, Quiet Riots is on its way to the App Store with a very neat and powerful iOS app and a state-of-the-art backend. Web and Android apps to follow. Simon Darling - CEO at Quiet Riots "Ege is quick. Very quick. He is super bright which means he gets what you're trying to do and then builds it. You end up with an elegant solution that works. And, he's a very good communicator who it is a pleasure to do business with. He even makes you smile."



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